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What American Gem Society titles do your employees hold?

In an industry that provides little accreditation, the American Gem Society awards titles declaring members as skilled professionals upon completion of stringent gemological examinations and re-certifications. For you the consumer, this means AGS provides professional and trustworthy retail jewelers. A jeweler, who advertises their AGS membership as Registered Jeweler (RJ), Certified Gemologist (CG), Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA), or Certified Sales Associate (CSA), is separated from their competition as the true and trusted gemologically trained expert. These AGS titles, further described below, are renewed annually and members are required to uphold the gemological and ethical standards established by AGS.

  • CERTIFIED SALES ASSOCIATE (CSA) – Earned by individuals, who are employed by a retail or supplier firm and who successfully complete all of the necessary requirements of the AGS Certified Sales Associate Course.
  • REGISTERED JEWELER (RJ) – Earned by individuals who have gemological knowledge and who adhere to AGS’ rigid ethical code. This title is good for one year only and must be renewed annually based on continuing education and on sustained ethical business practices.
  • CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST (CG) – The more advanced title offered by the American Gem Society requires additional study in diamonds and colored gemstones as well as the mastery of sophisticated testing procedures. CG titleholders must pass an annual exam to maintain their title.
  • CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST APPRAISER (CGA) – This is the most highly regarded jewelry appraising title in the industry. Earning the CGA title requires more advanced training and experience in identifying and determining the value of gemstones and jewelry. CGA titleholders must also pass annual re-certification exams to maintain this prestigious title.